Lycian Way Trekking Tour


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Lycian Way Trekking Tour

Day 1 DALAMAN, KAYAKOY  LYCIAN WAY (Kayaköy - Ölüdeniz Route)
Meeting at 10:15 at Dalaman Airport for the Lycian Way Trekking Tour and we go to Kayaköy (Karmylasoss) by transfer bus.
Those who settled in the settlement where the Greeks lived until the population exchange in 1922 after that date left because it was not suitable for their lifestyle. For this reason, the roofs and weak parts of the houses collapsed due to neglect over time, but the houses remained standing. And now Kayaköy, which is a kind of open-air museum and protected area, will be the starting point of our walking track with its unique visuality. First, we visit and photograph the interior of Kayaköy, the part of the Church. After about 1 hour here, we ascend towards the west side of the village for our walk to Ölüdeniz. The path generally passes through the forest. After walking a few kilometers, we start to see the view of Ölüdeniz. And our walk ends at the bay. On tours during the sea season, we can go to one of the beaches of Ölüdeniz or Kıdrak and enjoy the sea.
After completing a wonderful first day hike of 7 km, we settle into our hotel in Faralya.
Trekking route distance: 7 km (350 m ascent / 300 m descent)
Estimated trekking time: 2 hours
Accommodation: Montenegro Motel / Faralya (Bungalow)
Meal: Dinner included
DAY 2 /// LYCIAN WAY (Ovacık-Babadag-Faralya Route)
After breakfast, we arrive at Ovacık with a short transfer. (let's say where we left off on the first day). Our 15 km walk is decorated with a magnificent view of Ölüdeniz and Babadağ, following the Ancient Roman road. Especially the parts of the path where Ölüdeniz Bay is seen, "Should I look where I step or the view?" as beautiful as you would think. There is very little water supply on the trail, so bring plenty of water with you. We start from Ovacık and descend to the foothills of Babadağ and from there to Faralya Village, which is located above the Butterfly Valley.
Trekking route distance:  15 km (800 m ascent / 570 m descent)
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours
Accommodation: Montenegro Motel / Faralya (Bungalow)
Meal: Breakfast and dinner included
DAY 3 /// LYCIAN WAY (Kabak Bay Route)
After breakfast, we start our walk towards Kabak Bay. The walk we will take to Kabak Bay, one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye, is decorated with exquisite nature views.
At the same time, we can see the traces of the village life, although our walk ends in 3 hours, we can continue to the waterfall in the valley with those who want. This route, which will be added for 2 more hours round-trip, is optional. Those who do not want to participate in the walk can enjoy the sheep.
Trekking route distance: 10 km (310 m ascent / 420 m descent)
Estimated trekking time: 3+2 hours
Accommodation: Montenegro Motel / Faralya (Bungalow)
Meal: Breakfast and dinner included
DAY 4 /// LYCIAN WAY(Alince Village - Gay Village Route)
After breakfast, we leave the hotel and take a very steep climb to the village of Altınca, located at 650 meters. The 8 km first stage is one of our favorite routes. It's a little harsh, but still beautiful. When we arrive at Alnca, we take a short break and set off for the second part of the trek, the Gay Village, with a short vehicle transfer.
This 6 km track is of great beauty with its Mediterranean view, bays and village life away from tourism, which is always on our right.
After the walk, we bid farewell to our guests who joined the Lycian Way West Route and we move to Kaş. Arrival in Kas and accommodation in the hotel.
Trekking route distance: 14 km (600 m ascent / 510 m descent)
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours
Accommodation: Kas Linda Beach Hotel
Meal: Breakfast and dinner included
DAY 5 /// LYCIAN WAY (Kaş – Limanağzı – Üzümlü Pier Route)
Today we start the day with Kaş – Limanağzı – Üzümlü Pier Track, one of the most admired tracks of the Lycian Way. Enormous landscapes will be waiting for us along the track. Sea on one side and green vegetation on the other. The coves on the bumpy route fill the eyes. It is also possible to stop at any of these and enjoy a short seaside.
There are rocky crossings with several points of rope along the route. The cliffs are generally not dangerous, but it is definitely necessary to be careful.
Afterwards, the path continues with a slight ascent. The vegetation is not very dense, but abundantly stony. Every time you come to the seaside on this route, know that there will be an exit path afterwards. The next bay is Çoban Bay. Then there is the Ufakdere Mevkii, which is located at the 10th km of the route, after a slight stony ascent and descent with a view of the bay. After a break where we will eat our food, we reach Üzümlü Pier by walking another 5 km. At some points the slope is high and stony. Arrival at Üzümlü Pier, then meeting with the vehicle and the end of the track. Arrival at Ali's House restaurant in Boğazcık, having lunch and resting on the porch, then returning to our hotel by vehicle.
Trekking route distance:  15 km (710 m ascent / 420 m descent)
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours
Accommodation: Kas Linda Beach Hotel
Meal: Breakfast and dinner included
DAY 6 /// LYCIAN WAY (Boğazcık – Kılınçlı – Aperlai – Üçağız (Kekova) – Teimiussa Route)
After breakfast, transfer from the hotel to the starting point of the route.
Today we start our walk from Boğazcık. After following a little dirt road, we pass through stony roads and paths. Rarely, there are paths under tall trees, like a carpet covered with coniferous leaves. This track, where historical ruins are very dense, makes you witness wonderful landscapes as if they were drawn by a painter. As we approach the sea, we will begin to see the ruins of Aperlai. Aperlai is a tiny port city. M.O. It is estimated that it was founded in the 4th century. Another meaning of the name of the ancient city is "strait passage".
The tombs on the necropolis side of the ancient city can be said to be in good condition. When we go down to sea level after Aperlai, we will see the ancient ruins on the shore that were under the water. Then we will take a lunch break at the shabby restaurant here. After the lunch break, we continue on the route to Kekova. We will see the ruins of the ancient city of Teimiussa. Most of the Lycian period sarcophagi remain today. There are several flat areas on the route. Apart from that, there are plenty of rocks; Between them, the walk ends in a fun way by passing over them.
Kekova Boat tour upon arrival in Üçağız. After seeing Batıkkent and Kaleköy, return to our hotel in Kaş.
Trekking route distance: 15.5 km (180 mt ascent / 470 mts descent)
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours
Accommodation: Kas Linda Beach Hotel
Meal: Breakfast and dinner included
DAY 7 /// LYCIAN WAY (Karaöz-Korsan Bay- Gelidonya Lighthouse- Adrasan Route)
After breakfast, transfer from the hotel to the starting point of the route.
The track that we will walk today and tomorrow is one of the most scenic tracks of the Lycian Way, where you will witness the endless blue of the Mediterranean. Of course, it is not easy to reach the beautiful, this route is also one of the most challenging tracks of the Lycian Way. Starting from Karaöz Village of Kumluca district of Antalya, the route continues with Gelidonya Lighthouse, Adrasan, Olympos and ends in Çıralı. We will walk this track in two days.
On the first day, we walk from Karaöz to Gelidonya Lighthouse. This part is about 7 km.
The first name of Gelidonya is actually Caledonia. Caledonia in the Lycian language means swallow. The reason for the name of the region is that the swallows, which are migratory birds, rested in the region while migrating from Egypt, so the name of the region was taken as Caledonia with its current name. According to a story, swallows fell into the sea and drowned because they could not see during the night migration. A sailor named Ali Kaptan used to place lanterns in Gelidonya and the 5 Islands opposite so that the swallows could see them. After taking a long break for photos and food here, we walk another 11 km towards Adrasan. On this track, we don't just follow the coast, we go up steep slopes from time to time and then go down to beaches or harbors. We reach Adrasan Bay in the afternoon and meet our vehicle here, first change clothes (shower facility is also available) and then transfer to Antalya Airport and finishing our tour. Arriving time to the airport is around 20:45. 
Trekking route distance:  17.5 km (880 m ascent / 910 mt descending)
Estimated trekking time:6.5 hours
Meal: Breakfast included
March through May and September through beginning of December
English speaking guide
Max. 15 Person
- All transfers (From Dalaman Airport to Antalya Airport)
- Guide (English speaking)
- 3 nights accommodation in Fethiye Faralya Montenegro Motel
- 3 nights accommodation in Kaş Linda Beach Hotel
- 6 breakfasts, 6 dinners
- 3 lunch boxes
- Double trekking poles for all participants (for rent)
- Information meeting before the tour (on Zoom)
- The archaeological site and national park entrance fees
- Travel insurance
- Lunches
- Alcoholic beverages
- Flight ticket
Per person in double room 529 EURO
Single suppliment 110 EURO
Prices vary depending on the date of the tour and the group size. The price on the site is per person price valid for reservations made at least 2 months in advance
Prices for at least 10 person groups
Request offer for small groups than 10 person
For f.i.t itinary requests for your private group, please contact us. We can arrange 4-6-7-9 days Lycian Way Trekking Tours for private groups. Also you can request Spanish, Russian, German speaking guide. 



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